Self Registration Guide

Welcome to the Student Portal of Human Progress Management.  
For more detail about HPM see the main website at

If you have not already registered an account for yourself, you will need to create one.
Follow the guide below to help you register a new account.

Sample Registration Form with notes below

Registration Notes:
  1. Enter a unique username for yourself
  2. Enter a password at least 8 characters long
  3. Make a note of your Username and Password for future logins
  4. Enter your email address.  Note this address is your secure ID, and used to reset your password if required.
  5. Complete all fields marked with a as they are requied.
  6. For Account Type, select Student if not an HPM staffer
  7. Your Membership Number is the reference or invoice number provided to you by HPM
  8. Reason for registering This is usually [Online Course] or [HPM Skills profile]
Once complete click [Create my new account] to submit your registration.

Now Click Here to open the Login/Registration page to register.