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Human Progress Management and InternetLearning have partnered to make this fantastic offer available to schools.

2020 is a year that truly presented its challenges to the World. However, we as HPM are still striving to assist Schools, Parents and Learners with services.

When a Pandemic brings the world economy to a standstill, technology allowed us to have means for office meetings, face to face discussions and even to be able to teach, and all this can be done on various devices.

The search for a solution

We spoke with many institutions to find out what solutions they are using to bring together their people in this time of social distancing. In the process we had many conversations about what works, what kind of works and which solutions downright just does not work!

We came to the conclusion that a hybrid schooling approach (regular schooling combined with an online managed solution), to supplement and strengthen the school's footprint is what is needed to take us into the future.

HPM investigated some of the options available to us to move our adoption of technology forward. We first looked at solutions owned by the big technology firms such as Adobe, Microsoft and Google.

        • Microsoft wants the World to use Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint.
        • Adobe is pushing Captivate Prime LMS.
        • Google built Google classrooms, and so much more.

Then there are the companies with custom solutions who developed their own technologies, and of course, there are some lighter solutions out there such as WordPress sites with LMS plugins to change the WordPress into a management system.

The solution

On the other end of the spectrum, HPM found Moodle from Moodle is the biggest Open Source Learner Management System in the World. It is trusted by thousands of schools and universities across the globe. Moodle developed and fine-tuned software over the last twenty years, and that is the reason for its 178 million users worldwide. 

We committed to using this system ourselves and installed the system on our own servers and now have our own Moodle system, without any other companies controlling how we use it, or having access to our data.

In the end, we have just one answer to why we use Moodle… Why not?

Speak to us about this option for your school

      • Is your school about to embark on the journey taking part in teaching online however feel restricted? No need to appoint an IT person or company
      • HPM is offering you a reliable, well documented and proven solution

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